My campaign is built on 4 CORNERSTONES:
PROTECTING clean water; CONFRONTING homelessness;
PROVIDING affordable healthcare;
and FIGHTING crime.

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Tony Fanara for California Governor

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My name is Anthony ‘Tony’ Fanara. When I was 17 years old, coming to America from Italy, I never thought I would be running for California Governor in 2022; but here I am living the American dream.

From the time I was a child in Sicily, my life has been about determination and work, which began as I worked alongside my father on our small farm. With limited family finances, I started learning the haircutting trade at the age of six. Eventually our family emigrated to America in hopes of establishing a better life.

When we arrived in Los Angeles. Finally able to continue my education, I attended high school while working as a shoeshine boy. It was during this time I met an important person in my life • Maddalena Riboli. She and her husband Steve saw my potential and offered me an entry-level job at their San Antonio Winery, where I learned many aspects of running a business.

In 1967, I was drafted and became a U.S. Army medic. After my service, I returned to the Winery while studying engineering. In 1973, the Ribolis made me manager of their new tasting room, at which point I decided to dedicate myself to a career in hospitality.

In 1976, I opened Palermo Restaurant, still a favorite eatery, forty six year later. In 1977, I married Antoinette and we have been happily married for forty five years and we have three children.

I’ve faced many challenges in my restaurant career, including needing to adapt to ever-changing state regulations. As a successful businessman and practical person, I am the embodiment of the American dream. With YOUR vote, I pledge to bring common sense back to California’s government.

I know California is facing many challenges, as a direct result of irresponsible fiscal spending and a lack of accountability to Californias’ taxpayers. However, with sensible leadership I will bring bipartisan solutions to the legislature, for their consideration. When you receive your ballot, choose to VOTE for me and together we will beat the Big Machine of ‘Business as Usual’.


Simply put, I want to bring back Common Sense solutions to California.
Our current group of California politicians may be good people, unfortunately, they are NOT restoring the PEOPLES’ TRUST in making sound decisions that benefit ALL CALIFORNIANS – NOT SPECIAL INTEREST. To start I have 4 Critical Issues, that in my opinion are a TOP PRIORITY to revitalizing California’s reputation and good standing.

Homelessness • I would like to create facilities staffed by both medical professionals and caring social workers. It will fall on these key personnel to evaluate, treat, recommend a call to action and provide housing for the homeless.

My approach for funding this humanitarian crisis is unique. I would ask the legislature to past a bill to require other states to assist California’s Homeless population from where any individual originally had a legal residence of record. If verifiable proof is not possible, California would have an ability to support this effort from a dedicated fund for the sole purpose of providing a compassionate means to get the homeless off the streets, while providing basic health evaluations and care.

We need to begin to take care of our own, both in our country and within the State of California.

California’s Water Crisis • Every winter, millions upon millions of gallons of water are simply not collected and are instead washed away in street drains and culverts to the ocean. I only have to look at civilized history to realize there is a plausible and affordable solution to recover this valued resource. AQUEDUCTS. The Romans saw many benefits from their construction of these ‘water highways’. In fact, 2,000 years later some of these ancient aqueducts still survive and work!

What I propose is a series of aqueducts up and down the interior of California, supported by a managed Lower 48 State Water Resource Co-Op. It would be flexible and each participating state would be able to benefit from this system; if a water situation were to occur, providing relief for any member state in crisis.

Many states across this great Nation annually get many more inches of rain in one year than California gets in 3 years! In 2021, 28 States recorded 40 or more inches of rain, lead by Mississippi at 66.84 inches. California only recorded 18.9 inches.

The State Aqueduct System Co-Op‘ would be part of a greater ‘pipeline network’, similar to an Interstate Highway, but for water. Through a series of multiplex ‘channel gateways‘, contributing states would be able to allocate this resource as needed.

Health Care • Stating the obvious, Californians need and deserve affordable health care. To pay for this, each resident of California would pay a reasonable enrollment fee (annually), to cover the costs and benefits of a statewide program. Unlike other programs where it is a one size fits all approach, participants would be able to choose their doctor, even in those instances when a specialist or out of network provider is required. Anyone who is disabled would be afforded the same access to the network, for virtually no cost to the disabled individual. Because of the large population in California, my proposal would offer the public at large a substantial cost savings; without having to compromise on healthcare for themselves or their loved ones.

Crime • Everyday it seems we read or hear about another senseless shooting, carjacking, robbery or general mayhem and violence.

Simply stated – our neighborhoods and streets are not safe. Something is very wrong. Lenient District Attorneys, prosecutors and judges are freeing or refusing to charge criminals for their crimes. Police morale is at an all-time low with continuous undertones of a general lack of support for the job they do protecting the citizens of California’s cities, towns and counties.

I believe in and support wholeheartedly the ideals and principles of our State and local Law Enforcement Agencies, along with the men and women who unselfishly serve. Our business communities across our Golden State rely on these departments for the safety of their businesses in the communities where they live and support their neighbors with the staples they need and desire. I support the fairness of justice and the rule of law and common decency instilled with respect, courtesy and politeness – regardless of an individuals’ creed, color or beliefs.

I will work with and for the great people of California. Candidly, THIS BOLD AGENDA WILL NOT COME EASY, rather only through dedication and sincere efforts will it come to fruition. I humbly ask you to VOTE for me, Anthony ‘Tony’ Fanara. Together we can and will make a positive difference for California, moving forward.


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